Freitag, 15. April 2011

call me betty discography

call me betty - discography 2005 - 2009
allright some people asked me to upload some call me betty content, so here it is. the complete discography plus extras. some of this stuff has never been released and some stuff is realy old / shitty stuff noone except close friends have ever listened to. the whole thing starts out with the regular releases but also includes old instrumental demos from 2005 when betty was still without singers, the last song that was never recorded as a live version and the yoka tape. 
wonder what kind of music this is? well lets try to label this as chaoscore, noise, post grind, mathcore.
also check this video while downloading. all will make more sense then.
sorry for not editing the volume on these songs but my old audio software wont work with win7.

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