Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

july 2013

sorry folks, I mainly post stuff on my tumblr these days. 

for those you still dig the blogger thing here is what happened in the last months:

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

new illustration ...

dot after dot after dot ... actualy this was fun to do.
design for sale if any band / label / whatever needs some new shirts or posters

Montag, 11. März 2013


I finaly managed to get some of my stuff into print ... will have digis and screen prints available ... if you are intrested check my store:

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

ancst split tape

this will be the upcoming ancst / hiveburner split artwork. i post the full one when its released.

remember that nihil baxter / henry fonda split artwork I did togehter with Joe Baxter? here is his blog:
http://tantejo.blogsport.de/  ... check it out good stuff.

Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

2013 update

as usual im busy with bands, the label and other real life shit at the moment. but i have done some stuff in the last months. here it is: